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 The weaving is done in the simplest kind of frame stretcheds

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PostSubject: The weaving is done in the simplest kind of frame stretcheds   Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:42 pm

The weaving is done in the simplest kind of frame stretched on the floor, and is a very slow and tedious process. To form the checked pattern in common use, each patch of colored threads has to be pulled up separately by hand and the shuttle passed between them, so that about an Tiffany jewelry inch a day is the usual progress in stuft" a yard and a half wide. The men cultivate a little sirih (the pungent pepper leaf used Discount tiffany jewelry we take great pride in our company for chewing with betel-nut) and a few vegetables, and once a year rudely plow a small patch of ground with their buffaloes and jdant rice, A very good option is to buy replica Tiffany company outlet jewelry which then requires little attention till harvest-time.
Now and then they Tiffany Sets have to see to the repairs of their houses, and make mats, baskets, or other domestic utensils, but a large part of their time is passed in idleness. nike outlet Not a single person in the village could speak more than a few words of Malay, and hardly any of the people appeared to have seen a European before. One most disagreeable result of this was that I excited terror alike in man and beast. Wherever I went, dogs barked, children screamed, women ran away, and men stared as though I were some strange and terrible cannibal monster.
Even the pack-horses on the roads and paths would start aside when I appeared and rush into the jungle and as to those horrid, ugly brutes, the buffaloes, they could never be approached by me not for fear of my own, but of others' safety. They would first stick out their necks and cheap tiffany jewelry stare at me, and then on a nearer view break loose from their halters or tethers, and rush away helter-skelter as if a demon were after them, without any regard for what might be in their way. Whenever nike outlet store I met buffaloes carrying packs along a pathway, or being driven home to the village,' I had to turn.aside into the jungle and hide myself till thejr had passed, to avoid a catastrophe which would increase the dislike with which I was already regarded.
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PostSubject: Re: The weaving is done in the simplest kind of frame stretcheds   Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:34 am

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The weaving is done in the simplest kind of frame stretcheds
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