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 how they ever found it out and did not discover the true

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PostSubject: how they ever found it out and did not discover the true   Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:42 pm

I doubt if there is a native house in the country two years old and at all exposed to the cheap tiffany jewelry wind, which stands upright and no wonder, as they merely consist of posts and joists all placed upright or horizontal, and fastened nike outlet rudely together with rattans. They may be seen in every stage of the process of tumbling down, from the first slight inclination, to such a dangerous slope that it becomes a notice to quit to the occupiers. Tiffany Sets The mechanical geniuses of the country have only discovered two ways of remedying the evil. One is, after it has commenced, to tie the house to a post in the ground on the windward side by a rattan or bamboo cable.
The other is a preventive, but how they ever found it out and did not discover the true way is a mystery. This plan is to build the house in the usual way, but instead of having all the prin cipal supports of straight posts, to have two or three of them chosen as crooked as possible. I had often noticed these crooked posts in houses, but imputed it to the scarcity of good straight timber, till one day I met some men carrying home a post shaped something like a dog's hind leg, and inquired of my native boy what they were going to do with such a piece of wood. "To make Tiffany jewelry a post for a house," said he. "But why don't they Tiffany jewellery outlet every single jade is surely an apparition get a straight one, there are plenty here?" said I.
"Oh," replied he, "they prefer some like that in a house, because then it won't fall," evidently imputing the effect to some occult property of crooked timber. A little consideration and a diagram will, nike outlet store however, show that the effect imputed to the crooked post These jewelries are Tiffany outlet store in London may be really produced by it. A true square changes its figure readily into a rhomboid or oblique figure but when one or two of the uprights are bent or sloping, and placed so as to oppose each other, the effect of a strut is produced, though in a rude and clumsy manner.
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PostSubject: Re: how they ever found it out and did not discover the true   Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:31 am

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how they ever found it out and did not discover the true
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