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 Healthy Scalp is the key to the Fashionable Haircuts

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PostSubject: Healthy Scalp is the key to the Fashionable Haircuts   Fri Oct 28, 2011 6:56 pm

This summer, if the move ponytail feeling clean, full of flavor elegant woman with long hair or twist clean, fresh and romantic, allow girls to try, want to do a multivariate hair style! But in the fine hair behind a key that must have the quality hair!

Now, we will learn a few careful tips of the scalp.

1, Shampoo decreases in hand, and get a little ‘more water. It acts as a rich lather is deleted once the hair cycle. Try to be a drop directly into the hair, shampoo for both pure effect is much smaller than the previous method operating system effectively, efficiently want to get rid of dandruff is to wash my hair started to pick from.

2, Wash hair with warm water, cold water and the best part is difficult to achieve a clean first order shampoos, may cause headaches or dizziness phenomenon. And the water gets hot easily moving the scalp, causing a lot of oil on the scalp excretory. Eliminate excess sebum cells attached to the scalp, dandruff, dry mass.

3 Every two days allowed a scalp massage, and a trichomadesis simple and easy, but perhaps a few minutes to promote the metabolism of the scalp, soothes nerves and prevent, such as efficiency.

4, Maintaining a good sleep, regular meals and good humor can effectively reduce dander. All kinds of bad habits lead to endocrine disorders, affecting the normal metabolism of the scalp and, finally, the hair problems. And the good normal life is one of the lessons.

5, Eat more rich in vitamins and minerals, aquatic products, help keep acid in human blood, promote the burning hair recovers quickly. Especially in the summer they eat too many cold drinks, not only against sunburn hair growth more easily cause hair loss. In the long term High edible sugar, fat, spicy foods, and avoid excessive sunbathing in the recovery of hair.
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Healthy Scalp is the key to the Fashionable Haircuts
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